Q: i saw you talking abt having a bad relationship with ur dad and i just want to say that i feel u :( my dad walked out on us with no warning and he's been treating us ((mostly my mom and i)) like absolute shit since but he says he 'loves us ((the kids)) and wants to be in our lives and don't you understand your dad needs you?' and he got a girlfriend not even a month after my parents separated and he's just a dick :/ but tbh good riddance... i don't need someone like that in my life ya know??

I’m so sorry about that happening to you, that’s so disgusting :( but honestly you’re better off without someone that foul in your life

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Q: Have fun on your college visit! I only went to three college visits and you can tell immediately if you'll like it or not. I went to and overnight visit at BGSU and within 10 minutes I knew I wasn't going to like it there. Then I went to OU and I immediately fell in love with it. You'll get a good education almost anywhere but only some places will give you a good experience. Find a school that you love as much as Leslie Knope loves Pawnee.

YOU’RE from OHIO I visited OU when I was in middle school bc my brother was visiting it and the cafeteria was pretty I remember that BUT THANK YOU

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Im sleep


Аbandoned houses

Do you fucking remember harry’s dangly clip on earring I still get so pissed thinking about it

"You a turkey guy?"

He’s pure LIGHT. Pure light and charisma.The way he looks at the people he’s talking to, the way he answers a question whilst smiling and with that well-known glint in his eyes, it makes me fucking weak. It’s so confident and hot. 

Q: you got a boyfriend?


I got a headache

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i still pronounce the v in chvrches even tho i know i shouldn t

i have to wake up at 6 c(:

I want harry to be my dad


[clicks on a person’s url to see how they’re doing after being dragged on their own post]